Shelly PM mini Gen3 - frozen signal

  • Hello,

    the signal for actual power of my Shelly PM mini Gen3 is shown as frozen.

    Since a while, I have running and integrated in Home Assistant a Shelly Pro 3EM power meter to measure electrical power and energy of the incoming power line. This is working fine.

    Now I bought some Shelly PM mini Gen3 to measure the energy of some individual devices like dish washer, washing machine and dryer. The WiFi signal quality shown by Shelly is “good” and the integration in HA works fine as well. Firmware version is 1.2.2.

    The issue I have is that the signal for actual power freezes for a couple of minutes at a very fixed value. This is unrealistic. The Pro 3EM shows a variation of the actual power in the phase that was used by no other device at this time.

    Could it be that during the heating phase of the device the WiFi signal is disturbed due to EMC? Or is it an issue with the Shelly device itself? Anyone else observed something similar?

    Signal "Geschirrspühler" --> PM min Gen3 (single device)

    Signal "Leistung L3" --> Pro 3EM (complete phase L3)