shelly BLU door "rotation" is not working properly

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  • I have a shelly BLU door/window beacon. the listening to the BC is working fine. I get all parameters like battery, open/close/ illumination/button

    Also rotation w tag = 0x3F is received. But the numbers are mostly 0,. after some minutes it sometimes show a value !=0 and then next packages it goes back to 0.

    I tried all positions, flat, inverse flat, on all 4 sides. it mostly returns 3F0000. = rotation = 0

    is this a bug?


  • I do get data, and i have the latest firmware. BUT the values of rotate are not stable.

    It looks like when an open/close event happens the rotation value is always 0.

    when I let it sit the values are stable +-0.3º

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  • Using four of them, I cannot confirm this behavior. Generally, they tend to send the correct level during open and close events. However, a recurring issue arises where they often send 0.1 instead of 0.

    This becomes quite bothersome as it disrupts the app's open-close state, consistently showing the 0.1 level state. While it's not precisely the same behavior, there is certainly an issue with the transition between 0 and 0.1 rotation lvl.

  • I guess I figured it out:

    if open/close value has changed and packedId has changed: ignore the rotation value. it is always 0

    so only use rotation value if no open/close event


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